September 6, 2022

10 Reels Ideas for Wedding Venues

You hear it all the time and you know it’s true: you need to post to Instagram and/or TikTok to be competitive in the wedding venue game. 

You just do. My 49-year-old self wants to heave a hefty sigh, but your 20-something couples are simply going to expect you to have an interesting and consistent social media presence.

But HOOOOWWWW? What are the actual posts you can do to appeal to video-loving Gen Z couples?

whined about asked this question of our brilliant Social Media Manager Caroline Fugate and she came up with 10 easy, smart ideas plus links to examples.

10 Short-Form Video Ideas for Wedding Venues

1. Film your every day.

Take little clips of your day—from making your coffee and working in your office to winding down at home. You’d be surprised how many people want that content specifically. This is easy content to start with as well — just show them what your life is like!

2. Don’t shy away from trends!

Viewers will find your content more compelling if you engage in popular trends. (But you mustn’t be too late to the trend or act inauthentic… viewers see right through that!)

3. Before and After transformations.

Snag a video before your venue is set up, then work with the photographer to show off the final results of your venue in its full glam! This is super simple and always effective.

4. Talk to your viewers. 

It feels weird, we know. But brand engagement (and ultimately, brand loyalty) is so important. Tell them a funny story or share a tried-and-true trick!

5. Highlight your superpowers!

What makes your venue special? How can you show off that super special thing that you do SO well? Center your content around that.

6. Let popular sounds guide you.

There are tons of audios on Tiktok, IG Reels, and YouTube Shorts that can help you shape your content. These tend to be shorter videos that you can lip-sync to and often have a light-hearted tone that engages viewers more.

7. Share about your team!

Share the quirky things, the unique things, and especially the things that make your team work the way it does. You’re inviting viewers to see the people who can help make their wedding happen!

8. Make graphics count.

Does the history of your venue require text? Go for it! But, the captioning / text overlays on social don’t always look the best. Leverage Canva, InShot, or a similar app to easily produce on-brand, professional videos.

9. Tell your viewers about all of your wonderful amenities!

Whether that’s handicap accessibility, all-inclusive packages, top-tier catering services, or a florist who utilizes blooms grown on-site, be sure to show it all off! 

10. Take timelapse videos.

Setting up tables? Doing a venue tour? Prop up your phone somewhere and capture some moments! Simple content to capture, and various uses you can save for later.


Choose 1 of the ideas above and plan to execute on it this week. It won’t take long. And potential wedding couples want to know you. They do! You can do this.

(Bonus points if you tag @herecomestheguide so we can cheer you on!)

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