June 12, 2024

FAQ: How Often Should I Follow Up on a Lead?

Here’s a dilemma from a venue client that I wanted to discuss a bit, because we hear this all the time.

Hi Meredith,
I’m wondering about the best way to follow up with a bride who’s reached out saying she’s interested in our venue for her wedding. I got back to her, she but hasn’t responded to my email.
Should I call or email? How many times should I follow up and how should I space my follow-ups? And…when should I consider it a lost cause and give up?
There’s a fine line between being responsive and being a pest!
Wedding Venue Owner

Sound familiar to you?

The follow-up method should match the method the potential bride/groom used to contact you. So, if they sent an email, I would respond via email.

As to timing, I recommend following up every 3 business days – 3 times total. Couples usually choose their venue within 2 weeks of beginning their search, so following up beyond that period isn’t fruitful.

The trick here is to be sure you have 3 really great email templates – each one a bit different from the others – so you’re not saying the same things every time.

I would suggest:

  • Template #1
    • This one should be short and sweet. Simply ask how her planning is going and if she has any questions, and include 3 of your very best photos to remind her why she was interested in your place to start with.
  • Template #2 
    • Also short, but this time, highlight your “superpower”. What’s the #1 thing about your venue that really makes you special? Emphasize that and, you guessed it, include another great photo. 
  • Template #3
    • This time, pull out the big gun: Add a “carrot” or incentive to book your venue—and include a deadline. For example, “If you secure your date by (insert date within 1 week), I can offer you a (insert discount amount or added perk!).” This increases that sense of urgency. And, again, include another really gorgeous image. Are you seeing a trend here?

Of course, each one of these templates should be customized as much as possible to underscore the services and attention the couple can expect from your venue.

With this trio of templates, I think you’ll be comfortably on the right side of that line between being responsive and being a pest!


Create these 3 templates right now. It won’t take long—just 30 minutes and you’ll have your follow-up game plan ready.

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