May 28, 2024

Leveraging Text Communication to Win Over Potential Clients


The other day, I was doing some research for a summer tutoring program for my son. I had a really specific vision for what I wanted that to include. I reached out to a few programs, 2 of whom reached out quickly via text.

Company 1 received my questions but, instead of answering them via text, kept pressuring me for a call. RIGHT THEN. When I said I couldn’t talk then (it was 9p on a Saturday night!) and just wanted to quickly find out if what I wanted was something they could even do, they continued to shine me on.

They said they would do nothing for me until I set up a formal phone sales consultation. I texted that that didn’t work for me. They continued to spam me with calls for days as I got progressively more frustrated by their business practices.

Company 2 answered my questions via text quickly and easily and we moved into the process of setting up sessions.

You tell me which sales strategy worked.

The reality in 2024:

If you’re not allowing your potential clients to communicate with you via text, you are missing out on a huge swath of revenue.

This is the honest truth. Whether you want to admit it or not, the old way of doing things in hospitality is no longer going to work.

You can want to get the couples on the phone, and you can want to be able to have a long email back-and-forth and get all of your questions answered, but the reality is… they want to text with you.

And they want you just to answer the questions that they ask.  As much as possible I want to encourage you and your staff to do this. I know it’s not always comfortable and I know it’s not the best way to gather this information.

But I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t encourage you to find this new modern way of communicating comfortable. 


Review your policies on text conversations with potential clients. Consider revising them for business in 2024.

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