January 23, 2024

Achieve Success in 2024 with These Goal-Setting Tips for Your Wedding Venue

If you’re goal-driven like I am, you’ve probably spent some part of January making some new aims for 2024 for yourself.

And, you may also be making some lofty goals for your venue for 2024, as we all predict that this year is going to bring a much-needed upswing to our industry.

So, I wanted to give you my two best tips for making goals that actually get you where you want to go. We use these exclusively at Here Comes The Guide, for company and department goals, and for individual ones.

Each goal we set must be run through these filters first!

1) Phrase your goal in a binary way.

This means it should be a Yes or No answer as to whether you reached that goal.

  • Not useful: Provide a higher level of customer service in our wedding venue business.
  • Useful: Return all calls and RFP emails within 24 hours.

The first one is too broad, can’t be measured, and you can’t answer if it has been completed with a Yes or No.

2) Your goals should measure your action, not anyone else’s.

We measure the efforts we take, not someone else’s response to our efforts. You can’t control someone else’s response. You can only control the actions you can take to get that response.

  • Not useful: Sell $50,000 in weddings in 2024.
  • Useful: For every site tour we do, we will customize it in 2 ways for that specific couple and follow up within 24 hours with a warm note.

You know that creating a warm, custom experience for couples during site visits will equal more bookings. That’s proven. So, you focus on that piece – which is only reliant on your effort – rather than on the couple’s decision to spend with your venue. You can’t control what they do, only what you do.

If you make goals based on the efforts you need to take to reach the revenue you want, and you phrase them in a clear, binary way, you will move the needle toward the success you’re aiming for.

While I’m kind of a goal-setting geek, I can always learn more. I really enjoyed this podcast episode by my friend Laura Tremaine. If you want to goal-geek out more, dive in!

Hoping your Engagement Season is already shaping up in the best way!

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