August 15, 2023

Control the Controllables: 3 Tips to Help You Thrive In Quieter Times

We’re deep in the Dog Days of summer, aren’t we?

So much of the U.S. is laboring under sweltering heat and events feel… sticky. Or, you may continue to feel that things are slower than normal, as we discussed here.

As I said there, I’ll say again: you are not imagining things. It’s tough out there. But the reality is: you can’t force more weddings to happen, you can’t control the interest rates, you can’t make the phone ring.

But, instead of simply ruminating (or panicking), let’s turn our attention to what we can control when things feel out of control.

1) You can control your fear.

We’ve been through downturns in the industry before, and we’ll see it again. This isn’t new and it isn’t forever.

2) You can control your level of service.

Now, in this quieter season, is the perfect time to:

3) You can control how you use your time.

Not only will you feel better that you’ve “controlled the controllables” but all of these things will help you take advantage of every single lead you get and that will pay off in the long run.

To Do For You:

Most of the suggestions I give above are covered in detail in our Venue Business Boot Camp modules. Those are free to you just by being a Here Comes The Guide venue.

Schedule in some time to check out our Venue Business Boot Camp.

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